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I like to think chloe actually has a package, she looks kind of like a ladyboy, a very sexy ladyboy. Yes you should do a lesbo comic with these two but i believe you should finish the korra comic first this looks great shad, it seems as though your new pad and you are getting along nicely. Just jizzed hey man, you should play uncharted 3 man, it 8217 s very cool :d well i am pleased with anything that has a pussy inside so dman approves!

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Your art style is still recognizable as your own, still stylized, but your anatomy is perfect on this piece sheeeit shadman, just when i thought your art was badass enough it gets even better! Im lovin where this is goin i would slap that ass too, just look at it :) haha yes, that was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw it, it needs to get slapped. Have them about to have sex then one gets speared by a native and the other ties up and hing upside down where she will be forever spanked until she dies. By the way, just personal preference here, i think you could be a little more generous with chloe 8217 s ass, it is the source of half the game 8217 s dialogue anyway haha.

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